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November 7, 2018

December 14, 2017

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Back to School, But Not to the Same

August 14, 2017

Take the time to find your center, relax, and allow yourself to be calm and free.


Whether it’s a vacation, break, meditation, bath, good book, sittings outside or just staring off into space for a few minutes. It's nice to shut off and disconnect from the world, and yourself, for a little while each day to rejuvenate yourself. It's important and helpful for all of us.


I just got back from a family trip to Colorado and the crisp air was so refreshing. I was able to just enjoy the time and unwind from my same old routine.  I enjoyed the tranquility and peace of being in the mountains.  We hiked and took in all of the beautiful scenery and also went fly fishing and enjoyed little to no wifi. 


 As school and routines start again, try mixing it up. If you are in a rut, or stuck in a routine, don’t allow your fears to determine your life. 


Sometimes we avoid doing anything that makes us anxious. It's good to try new things. It can be scary at first, but it helps us get out of our same routines and to experience new things while gaining a fresh perspective.


Meditation and mindfulness can be like mini vacations that help center us. We may be unhappy with ourselves or our lives because we feel like we are trapped and that our anxiety is in control.  We get used to living in such a sheltered environment that we can feel closed off. We allow experiences to make our lives feel and seem small, because we allow our anxiety to stop us from trying new things.  No wonder many of us feel depressed and anxious.


You've got to keep trying and pushing! Break out of your anxiety and old habits.


The definition of insanity is repeating the same thing over and over expecting different results.  Stop avoiding things! We expect our anxiety to just go away one day, so that we can start doing everything we want. These feelings won’t disappear if we continue to behave, think, and do everything the same way that we always have.


Make small changes, start new activities, hobbies, thoughts or behaviors that are positive for you. It doesn't have to be drastic. Slow down. Take it easy.


We're all students here in the school of life. There are no grades. We take it day by day and learn what we need to help us.


If you a runner, change your path.  If you are a walker, maybe try walking and running.  If you take spin classes, maybe add in the elliptical.  If you are a yogi, try that side crow or head stand.

Bring a friend or a spouse…try yoga together. Take a Barre class.  Sweat off the stress and break out of your routine!


See you on the mat.



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