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November 7, 2018

December 14, 2017

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New Year New Yoga Intentions

December 28, 2016


I can feel it in the the air, and I can sense it in my soul. The rhythm of the winter holidays and the emergence of a new year has brought my attention to resolutions from a year ago, and I find myself mulling about those in which I succeeded and those where I fell short. But, I prefer to focus on the former. Living a mindful and peaceful life for me personally leaves little time for rear view mirror outlooks so I prefer to push on truly believing the windshield view is a much more beautiful place to live. 


As I take stock of the past year, I am amazed at the path my life has taken. Random life changing business experiences and doors that have opened serve as a blaring contrast to the life path of the last 25 years that is now completely shut. At my age, and because of my past, I feel seasoned with time and world experience, but I feel equally childish, taking my first steps into somewhere new and exciting. In these steps my friend and business partner April joined me, and together we created, Yoga Central. 


Did I intend to become a business owner this year? I most certainly did not. Did I discuss the possibilities of “someday”? Absolutely I did, quite often since last January, and without much attachment to it actually ever happening. This is the crazy thing about intention. It's a timing thing and it's a universe thing, not a control thing. For me it was a January thing. An intention I planted in January of last year, for someday, or maybe not, but wouldn’t it be cool if it did? 


Intention is the starting point of every dream. It's the creative juice that fulfills our needs, whether for love, money, or relationships. Everything that happens in the universe begins with intention. Our desires are thought, our intention follows, and then our willpower carries it on and on. But intention needs a gap space as well, not just the willpower to push on. Intentions need to take root, but often can’t grow if they are held too tightly. Only when we release our intentions without attachment to the outcome is when they can properly flourish. Plainly, intention requires space. Space to be alright waiting for something to happen even if it doesn’t. Space to put down the 25 pots that we are juggling on any given day so we can notice when it does, and take time to sit in its beauty when it actually manifests.


April and I frequently gather to set our intentions moving forward for Yoga Central classes, workshop and events. We intend to be a place to create space for students to come as they are on the best and very worst of days, and a space to uncover or discover their own personal intentions while becoming physically strong and emotionally resilient through the practice of yoga. Through consistency we have seen the transformative effects of individuals as they learn and grow between the four corners of their yoga mat. When the intention of the student is to breathe, move, and grow, without attachment to the outcome, the magic happens. Yoga magic, and it's totally real.


Personally, I intend to do better and make more time for my personal yoga and meditation practice in 2017. I find that when I neglect this part of myself for too long the effects are noticeable on my state of mind, my energy, my relationships, and my balance. I am a better mother, wife, and friend. I take life more in stride, and I live lighter when I do the work on my mat. I also intend to ensure I leave a gap in my day to make this my priority. I fully intend the space that has become open will not become a vacuum for tasks or projects that will not add to the overall quality of my life or peace of mind. 


What is your yoga intention for 2017? Is it to start a new yoga practice, or possibly to come to your mat for ten minutes of mediation a day? Do you intend to become more physically active, or engage in a different form of yoga you are not familiar with? Maybe you want to inspire others to take up their own yoga practice, because personally you know the positive effects on your own life. Maybe you intend to become a yoga instructor yourself. Whatever the reason and whatever the intention, bring it to your mat. Sit in it and allow room for space to feel it in your bones, to marinate in it. The time won’t be wasted, the universe will take notice.


Peace and abundance in 2017! See you on your mat.

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