Greetings, I am Sonya Warren and my yoga practice began with me wanting to stay mobile and flexible as I grow older. But let me tell you, I was in for a surprise! Yoga has helped me not only physically, but spiritually, psychologically, and socially. Through the practice of yoga, I have learned several techniques and breathing exercises that have helped me to stay calm, lift my spirits, and have changed my outlook on life. One can show up on the mat in the not so best of moods and yet leave with a whole different attitude. The friendships I made in yoga shall last me a life time. There is so much love, good vibes, and light shared among yogis. These are treasures I will carry in my heart forever. While practicing yoga I have learned that I am a tall mountain, a strong warrior, and yet as gentle and bendy as a tree with deep roots swaying in the wind. Amazingly enough, God has provided me with answers to my prayers many times while in Shavasana. In the quiet moments, that is where you will find them. After you have left all you can on the mat. As a teacher of the practice, I hope to be encouraging to others. I want to help people not only feel, but know that they are beautiful on the inside and out. That if they are willing, they are capable. That they are enough just the way they are. Yoga has helped me realize these things about myself and to be able to help someone grow in the same way, would make my heart smile. Yoga doesn't care what your age is or about your ethnicity, your body type or size, your social status, your education level, or even how flexible you are. Yoga is a journey and along the way you will smile, find laughter, sweat some, and maybe even cry. All good journeys should have a little of it all. I want to share my love for yoga to everyone. I was once told that if you will go to five yoga classes, just give it five tries, you would see and feel the difference. You will be hooked. Well I am a believer. It happened to me. Why dont you come give yoga a try, give yourself some me time, and lets see if you become a believer too? WARNING: I am a World Champion Hugger, so all hugs are free (only if wanted). I hold a few degrees and several certifications mainly in my field of work. But the one I am proudest of is my RYT 200 yoga certification. I am a member of the Yoga Alliance. In the day time, Im an IT woman and always a student, but at night, I AM A YOGI!

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Thank you and Namaste.