February 29 — Chakras 

March 1 — Meditation

The cost is 25.00 for single or 40.00 for both.


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In the art of calligraphy, the zen circle, or ensō, is a brush stroke done in one free movement. This circle symbolizes “coming full circle” or enlightenment. The single stroke is suggestive of flow, elegance, and strength. It is the entire universe but also the void. Contradictory and similar to the flow and work of a yoga practice, which is never the same. It is graceful and it is powerful; it is fluid and it is steady. Simply, as in Yoga, ensō is an expression of the moment when the mind is free to let the body and spirit create.


Our logo, the ensō, when left with an opening is incomplete, yet at the same time expresses totality and completeness. It implies all that occurs in our life takes place in the fluid body of the ensō. Similarly, while we move through our yoga practice all that occurs in our lives is equally left within the four corners of our mat. As we begin to breathe and let go we find perfection though our imperfections, beauty within in our physical boundaries, and completeness in our lack of being complete.


At Yoga Central, our motto is “come as you are, we’ll show you how.” The Yoga Central community is built on the foundation that there is strength and flow contained within the various ideas of a collective group and that we are all one ensō, coming full circle. We show up to practice, we play hard, we speak our truths, and we learn from one another. We laugh, we clap, we let go, and we support. We are all the same, yet we are all very different. We are all one community, one kick ass yoga community.

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Cancellation Policy

Online Reservations may be canceled up to 8 hours prior to class. No-shows will be charged the class or it will be deducted from your class pass. Please arrive early or at least on time.  Arriving early or on time allows no distributions during class and allows us to lock the doors as needed with the Art and Soul store downstairs. 


Thank you and Namaste.